Would You Lose Money by doing your own Housework?

Would You Lose Money by doing your own Housework & cleaning?

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Mark says he loves to keep his home clean & tidy, however for doing all the basic & in-depth work of scrubbing & finishing all the detail work, it can consume some quality time & may take a complete day as he says he is not experienced in doing the job, though some homeowners imagine that they can save money by doing the basic home cleaning job or doing their own carpet cleaning instead of hiring carpet cleaning company by themselves. However, the question is does it really help you to save money by doing your cleaning job yourself.

Would you believe if I said that you would lose money by cleaning? Here Mark has done the math. He briefs that paying for a professional house cleaning company can save money.


Let’s discuss in brief. Do the simple calculation on how much time would it take you to complete the cleaning job yourself & compare it with your hourly rate based on your salary comparing it with hiring a professional cleaning company or hiring a maid service, Mark says.

Let’s say, in other words, a homeowner makes $100 an hour. If we assume it would take the homeowner to clean his or her house approx 6 to 8 hrs to cover all corners. Indirectly homeowner is spending $600 to $800 to clean the house & as an incentive, he or she is going to be stressed out & completely out of energy as cleaning house is no child play. Instead, you as a homeowner can have an option to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job & pay them 60% to 70 % lesser for a quick & professional cleaning service at your doorstep.